"We understand that when they took [Mumia] off of death row, what the strategy was was for him to die sick, behind bars. But we’re not going to allow for our brother to die behind bars, because when we were in incarceration, he fought for our liberation. And so, brothers and sisters, we’re going to fight for him to be liberated. We’re going to be fighting for him to receive dignity and respect.

"Mumia Abu-Jamal must be supported in this struggle for adequate medical care."

-Lynne Stewart

Why is Mumia the # 1 Priority? Not just because he's Innocent but because he is a truth teller that they are determined to silence. If you Love Struggle as I do Mumia, our comrade, must be liberated !! Lynne Stewart





“A prophetic writer.  Mumia refuses to allow his sprit to be broken by the forces of injustice; his language glows with an affirming flame.”   -Jonathan Kozol, educator and author  photo by Gloria Cruz

Assata Shakur supports Mumia Abu-Jamal and the work of Prison Radio

“The first time I heard a tape of Mumia’s radio broadcasts, it was the first time I fully understood why the government was so intent on putting him to death.”

 - Assata Shakur, former member of The Black Panther Party