Take Action Events!

  • When: April 22nd, 8:00pm to April 23rd, 6:00am 2017
    Location: Fischladen - Rigaerstr. 83, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain (U5-Samariterstr)

    Benefit night for FREE MUMIA Berlin

    Food (from 8 pm) - Cocktails - DJ*s

    Live (from 10 pm) Knattertones (Ska/Punk/Reggae http://www.knattertones.de )

    all takings go to travel costs for a delegation to visit Mumia and the US movement

    Sa. 22. April 2017 Berlin - Fischladen - Soli-Abend FREE MUMIA - Free Them ALL! - ab 20 Uhr
    Soli-Abend mit Küche für Alle, DJ*s und Cocktails für Reisekosten zu... more

  • When: April 22nd, 6:00pm 2017
    Location: Saint Peter's Church on Lex. Av & 54th St.

    We hope you will join us on ... more

  • When: April 24th, 8:00pm 2017
    Location: Soned e.V. - Kreuzigerstraße 19, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain (U5-Samariterstr)

    On Mumia's 63rd birthday we will look at his current situation as a political prisoner. Furthermore we will give an update on prisoner's struggles in Pennsylvania, especially for medical treatment against Hepatitis-C and try to answer any questions you might have.

    There will be hot food from 8 pm. Admittance is free.

    Mo, 24. April 2017 Berlin - Soned e.V. - ab 20 Uhr - Mumia Abu-Jamal
    Kiezküche und Information: An Mumias 63.... more

  • When: May 4th, 1:30pm 2017
    Location: Philadelphia

    A three-day-long conference on MOVE, with more info to come


    ONA MOVE, Everybody.  We had a great gathering on May 13th where we announced our intention to have a major 3 day conference on MOVE with tentative dates of August... more

  • When: August 4th, 9:30am to August 5th, 3:30am 2017
    Location: Washington, DC

    Welcome, everyone to Our 1st annual Black Conference. This conference is long overdue and is the official conference representing the African Diaspora. The main purpose of this conference to:
    1. Put in nominations for our official Black Gov't.
    2. Begin the process of establishing a Collective Treasury.
    3. Explore investment opportunities (real estate).
    4. Establish a central care line/website/media outlet which brings us all together,... more