39 Yrs Too Long Free the Move 9 NYC event

Date & Time: 
Saturday, August 5, 2017 - 08:00 to 20:00
House of the Lord Church 415 Atlantic Avenue (Between Bond and Nevins Streets) Brooklyn, New York

39 years Too Long: Free the MOVE 9!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

House of the Lord Church

415 Atlantic Avenue (Between Bond and Nevins Streets)

Brooklyn, New York

2-4 pm: MOVE Art Exhibit, featuring the work of Sophia Dawson; $20 fundraiser

5-8 m: Program: “39 Years Too Long: Free the MOVE 9”: free

Speakers: Ramona Africa (MOVE Org), Pam Africa (ICFFMAJ), Lawrence Hamm (POP), Suzanne Ross (ICFFMAJ), James McIntosh (CEMOTAP), Inez Barron (NYC Councilperson) & Charles Barron (NYS Assemblyperson), and more to be added.

For more info:

MOVE Organization

P.O. Box 19709

Philadelphia, PA 19143






And from Orie Lumumba:

Ona Move. This August 8, 2017, will officially mark 39 years of the unjust imprisonment of our family, collectively known as the MOVE 9. Every year, our Family does a program on August 8 to draw attention to the arrest and unjust imprisonment of the MOVE 9. This year our annual commemoration will not be in Philadelphia as we are calling on all of our friends and supporters in the New York City and tristate area to join us on Saturday, August 5, 2017, at the Historic House of the Lord Church in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, NY. The Historic Program will be themed “39 Years Too Long—Free the Move 9!” And what a program it will be. From 2pm-4pm: For the first time ever, we will be holding a MOVE Art Exhibit, featuring the art of Sophia Dawson, that will feature paintings on the MOVE Organization. The cost of the reception will be $20, which will include a light meal and reception with Sophia Dawson and the children of the MOVE Organization. This will be the first part of our program, which will serve as fundraiser for the


The second part of our program will be a free evening program that will focus on the 39-year imprisonment of our family and the fight to bring them and other political prisoners home. The program will go from 5pm-8pm and will feature Ramona Africa, Pam Africa, Charles and Inez Barron, Daniel McGowan, Lawrence Hamm, Suzanne Ross, Infinite Wiz, James McIntosh, Milton Allimadi, and Our Brother Mumia Abu-Jamal. There will also be performances by MOVE youth, The Raw Life Crew, and also Infinite Wiz. This program will be very important as we will discuss the June 2017 parole hearing and now parole denial of Delbert Africa, the August 8, 2017, Twitter Storm for the U.S. Justice Department Petition for the MOVE 9 in which we are still asking people to sign at https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.causes.com%2Fcampaigns&... /92454-Free-The-move-9 we are urging all twitter users to sign on; more info to follow.

Lastly, we will be setting the stage for the 2018 Campaign for the 40-Year Anniversary of the Imprisonment of the MOVE 9.

So we hope to see everyone there.

Ona Move