“Abu-Jamal’s words flow like the sap of trees, pulsing with energy and capturing the essence of life.”  -Library Journal

“Uncompromising, disturbing… Abu-Jamal’s voice has the clarity and candor of a man whose impending death emboldens him to say what is on his mind without fear of consequence.”           - The Boston Globe

Tom Morello supports Mumia Abu-Jamal and the work of Prison Radio

“We join with Amnesty International in demanding a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal.  We will not allow his voice to be silenced."    -Tom Morello, Street Sweeper Social Club

Jonathan Kozol supports Mumia Abu-Jamal. Photo by Gloria Cruz

“A prophetic writer.  Mumia refuses to allow his sprit to be broken by the forces of injustice; his language glows with an affirming flame.”   -Jonathan Kozol, educator and author  photo by Gloria Cruz

John Edgar Wideman supports Mumia Abu-Jamal

“If Mumia Abu-Jamal has nothing important to say, why are so many powerful people trying to kill him and shut him up?” - Dr. John Edgar Wideman, Professor, Brown University