Dorothy Allison in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal

“I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have your son in prison—to know that he could be murdered by the state legitimately, legally, and all you would have left are your memories.”  Dorothy Allison

Robert Meeropol supports Mumia Abu-Jamal and the work of Prison Radio

“You find at least once a generation that this government has to demonstrate the "truly dangerous nature" of those who seek to transform it by linking them in the public mind with the most horrendous crimes of the day and then executing them.  In Mumia’s case: the crime of killing a police officer.  In my parents’ case: the crime of stealing the secret of the atomic bomb and giving it to the USSR.  Sacco and Vanzetti: the crime of anarchy.”  Robert Meeropol, Executive Director of the Rosenberg Fund for Children, the youngest son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who were executed by the U.S.

Sister Helen Prejean supports Mumia Abu-Jamal and the work of Prison Radio

“Mumia is a dramatic example of how the criminal justice system can be brought to bear on someone who is African-American, articulate, and involved in change in society.  The system is threatened by someone like Mumia because he resists the racism, and because he has such a voice.  A voice as strong and as truthful as his—the repression against him is intensified.”                         - Sister Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking

Watching Long Distance Revolutionary I am reminded about the “long now” when we see struggle and evolution as a multi-generational issue that spans centuries if not millennium.  Mumia is a long distance revolutionary, reaching across time and space, and this film shows how clarity of vision and purpose, continued compassion and understanding of the human condition and a clear sense of self and one’s people a person able to affect change in even the most onerous of personal circumstances.

Angela davis

Mumia has become a symbol for all of us. A symbol of struggle, a symbol of hope. Our final goal is to bring Mumia home. He has spent too many years in those dark chambers of death.