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Greetings to the UN Delegation

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Greetings to the UN delegation. Initially, I wish to thank the members of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, who prepared and filed an amicus brief in my case. And, of… Full Transcript

Letter from Kevin Cooper May 8th

Comrades, This is Kevin Cooper and I send this missive to you in Peace & Solidarity, just as I wrote it. These truth(s) I write and send to you through our fellow Comrade Carole ‘are a must’. While theyare obvious truths, they still must be said by me. MoFo, and their ex-L.A, county sheriff department ‘experts’ and others they hired did more than just say that in their opinion I… Full Transcript

Unconstitutional Attacks

Ronald Earnest Jones

My name is Ronald, my inmate number 276531, I’m calling from LRF Brooks Correctional Facility. This here is unreasonable constitutional violations. I’m trying to support fellow prisoners here at this facility where I’m at. There’s… Full Transcript