Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

(Abu-Jamal) No reggae artist in the world has attracted the loving accolades of the dreadlocked Marley. Marley is truly a missionary and his message — one of global black redemption — is contained within the music of Rastafari.
(Marley) What is the Exodus? Exodus from Babylon and then the physical exodus. So what we really ask is that we want black people to unite with one another. Then (?) capitalism and communism are finish. The Rasta now … the black man, we have life, that’s what we are saying, legit. We are say: Give the black man (thing?) we alive now. Make him show you a whole government run and all people care for people waiting (?)as children in church, black people are think that “Ohh, them’s spiritual people by the black people. Dem are dealin’ God, and God not let them down. God did it. And God said them to unite the Unite. That is the power of God.
(Abu-Jamal) The music is militant, its beat moving, his message: just as moving.