Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi my name is Crystal Denise Clark, my inmate number is 435064. I’m at WHV, the Valley of Death. I’m trying so hard, ya’ll, I really am, I’m trying to stay strong and (inaudible) you know, to stop thinking about how my body is shutting down, I’m trying to just, stay strong. It’s very hard. Everytime you look around, it’s just retaliation, it’s just harassment. Uh, they know a lot of stuff that we doin,’ cause they listen to us. Like this, this is really just so sad, it hurt my heart, how they could just sit here and look at us sufferin’, look at me falling apart. I begged the doctor, like “please help me,” like, they playin’ games, this man tried to take my wheelchair and my walker. I’m like “I need this,” they try to make me do things that I can’t do, like my hands are sore, I can’t even write, they tried to make me go to school, if I don’t they want to put me on 30 days double O. They know that I can’t do stuff right now. They tried to make me look bad, like this is so wrong, like everything I get, I had, the doctor tried to take it, act like I don’t need nothin.’ They are covering up a lot about my health. And they are covering up a lot about a lot of people, like, government.

I just got a couple words for the government: how would you feel that this was you, your husband, or your girls, anything– anybody in your family? If I was you, what would you want me to do? You told me you are very aware of what I’m going through ’cause a lot of people have reached out and you’ve received letters from me. You told me you was looking into it. How long is it gonna take for you to look into it? Until I lose my life? Government, I’m begging you to do somethin’ about this. I’m beggin’ you to help me before it’s too late. I got kids and grandbabies that I need to go home to. They don’t really know me please. Please help me. I’m trying, I’m so tired, [inaudible] I’m trying to fight, I’m trying to stay strong. It’s so hard, It’s hard. When you livin’ [inaudible] you allergic to it, it’s attacking you every day. And nobody even worried, nobody care? Like they just covering it up. Please help me and help us. Like if I was you I would have been helped, it would not matter how many letters you get, I would have been came and looked into it. Life matter, my life matter, our lives matter. You said [inaudible] lives matter, so do somethin’ about this. Do the right thing, before it’s too late. I’m tired, I gotta walk around like ain’t nothing wrong with me. I’m tired of staying strong. I want to get some help, get to a real hospital. These prison hospitals they don’t take us serious, they do what they want to do to us. Like please, I’m just beggin’ you, please government do the right thing.

I guess thank everybody for ya’ll support. I’m trying to stay strong, I’m trying, it’s so hard, when your body just gettin’ ate up, you in pain and they just sit here and dial plan and talk like you crazy. The doctor told me, “Oh, you know how your head uh, your head, you might think that you went crazy.” They tryin’ to tell me I’m crazy, this is not fair, how they playing with my life. This is not fair! This is wrong, how they can sit here and do this. This is so wrong.

And I just love all the support. Thank y’all for all the support. I had to call y’all to get this one minute in to let you all know what’s goin’ on. But I’m tryin’ so hard to stay strong, tryin’ to keep a smile on my face but it’s hard when you got these people here who just don’t even care. They don’t care. They just don’t.

I just thank you all so much. Y’all will hear from me soon. But anybody listenin,’ please get that message to the government. She needs to hear. She needs to hear this. Like please. And thank God so much. And thanks for the support. Thank God so much! And I love all of ya’ll. Thank you.