Prison Radio
Kenneth Zamarron

This is Kenneth Lee Zammaron. I’m currently incarcerated at Wabash Valley located in Indiana at Carlisle.

I’ve been incarcerated since I was 16 and been here now for 15 years. And when I first came here, unfortunately I didn’t know how to read and write like most urban individuals. They’re like, “Frederick Douglass stated, ‘Once you learn how to read, you’re forever free.”

And as I started becoming free, I started realizing all the atrocities that were going on and how a lot of the hurt and pain that is in prison is always ignored and is always labeled “convicts” or “cons” as if any of our feelings whatsoever. Moreover, I have scars all over my back, my neck, my whole body from deliberate indifference from the medical care providers which I’m currently suing. And my main goal now in life, even though I may die while I’m incarcerated, is to assist other prisoners who are learning to read and write, because I also go believe if you learn to write, you can fight for your rights.

And that’s all I have to say now, but in the future with Prison Radio, I’m hoping to expose the medical provider, juvenile justice, and just the atrocities that occur within these walls so that they’re not ignored and that our voices are heard and that I can expose the wounds of the prison system. And hopefully one day, people are willing to listen, we can start healing and not forget the scars that are left behind.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.