Prison Radio
Dennis “Solo” McKeithan

This is Dennis Solo McKeithan. SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania. 

And today I’d like to talk about the Anti-Terrorist Effective Death Penalty Act. You know, we constantly hear politicians and advocates say and shout the slogan “criminal justice reform.” And they talk about inequity in the courts, racism, and wrongful conviction. What is not talked about and should have been corrected under the Obama administration is the murderous criminal injustice bill put in the law by Bill Clinton. This bill is commonly known as the Anti-Terrorist Effective Death Penalty Act 95-45. The thing is, it does nothing to terrorists. All it did was take away the right to file a second or subsequent Habeas Corpus from domestic prisoners who are innocent.

This was really about Bill Clinton trying to cut off the appeals of men on death row. To expediate their state murders, to target particular prisoners like Mumia. What it actually did and is still doing is denying innocent men their constitutional right to petition the court and present evidence and witnesses to support their claims. Most prisoners were represented by appointed counsel. Who are ineffective, indifferent, and legally abandoning us. So by the time we educated ourselves in the law and realized what happened to us, we are denied access to the court. Because of the Bill Clinton’s criminal injustice bill. Barack Obama early on said as a constitution lawyer he knew this bill was unconstitutional and he would get rid of it. But eight years in office, he never even talked about it. If a man can’t even get in the courtroom, how can he get out of prison?

It is important that we, as a nation, demand that this new administration overturn this bill and allow prisoners their constitutional right to file Habeas Corpus or PCRAs without obstruction. This bill does more to kill innocent prisoners like myself than any other law. This can be done with an executive order. Under the US constitution that says that the Habeas Corpus could never be suspended. Well, Bill Clinton’s bill suspended the Habeas Corpus all person in the United States.