Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

My name is Derrick Gibson, and I am a prisoner in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. And on April 15, 2021, I was arraigned on criminal charges of aggravated harassment by a prisoner in Schulykill County for allegedly regurgitating vomit on a correctional officer at SCI Mahanoy. After being strapped into a restraint chair with a face mask on and having OC sprayed directly up into my nostril, eyes, face, and all over the cell walls in an attempt to suffocate me, my head was tilted back during the whole process and a white hood was pulled over in my head all while being video recorded. This is the clear cover-up and obstruction of justice by the prison and law enforcement. I am now in need of legal representation assistance in exposing this injustice as black lives matter, and I can’t breathe. In solidarity, Derek Gibson, prisoner and author. I can be reached at Smart Communications/PADOC, SCI Phoenix, Derrick Gibson, JP2190, P.O. BOX 33028, St. Petersburg, FL 33733, or