Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Once again, Israel is in a rage, bombing a weaker Arab neighbor, one that would be hard pressed to face the most powerful armed force in the Middle East. And once again, the playing the unconvincing role of neutrality, arms and shields one side – using the dual weapons of war and words – to batter and pummel the other.

In the American mind, especially after 9/11, to be Arab (as are Palestinians), is the media equivalent of evil, and ipso facto, the Israelis must be good; and so the corporate media plays it, as drama.

But Israel is no David here; they are Goliath, armed to the teeth, bristling in armor, and able to whip anybody in the neighborhood. In fact, they are the Middle East’s only nuclear power (although undeclared).

Palestine, embattled, impoverished, sliced in twain Palestine, is like the prey before a hyena – and the U.S. is dousing the prey with barbecue sauce.

The U.S. is Israel’s greatest enabler, and sends over $5 billion a year to keep their military in shape.

Israel has the 10th most powerful army on Earth.

They have 3,501 battle tanks, and almost 400 fighter jets and military aircraft. (Gaza has none of these things – just a few thousand rockets).Israel has over 175,000 active troops. (Gaza has several thousand militia and police.)

Israel is Goliath – on steroids!

And guess which side the U.S. Empire is supporting?

Not Gaza.

Gaza (which used to be called the Gaza Strip), about the size of Detroit with double its population, has been occupied by Israel since 1967 – and Israeli power controls and limits it economy, its population movements, its water and its contracts with foreigners.

Some have called Gaza and its separate neighbor, the West Bank, little more than open air prisons.

The jailer?


When this war is over, and perhaps thousands are dead, the peace that emerges will be a false peace; nothing but a prelude to the next war.