Prison Radio
Jamil Pirant

My name is Jamil Pirant. 

It’s just that when I think about being buried alive, I think about being in the joint. It’s like, you know, you got all these capabilities but you can’t do it cause you buried. They got you in this – this hell, these four walls. You can’t do nothing but hone in on these skills that you don’t even know if you will be able to use. Like that’s like being buried alive. But the people that arrive who don’t even understand they alive. They just know that they buried. So they going kick, they going stream, they going panic. You got to make sure that you keep calm. And know that you alive and be grateful for that. But we definitely buried alive, man. 

It’s like this place during Corona season is a whole different world. They scaring easy [inaudible] were thinking they going die? In the joint, you know, they see one case, two case, three case. They think we going die. No such thing as social- social distancing in here. It’s not going to happen. It’s not possible. It’s 400 people in this one unit, no air circulation in this building at all. 

These people is panicking, but you just got to stay calm. That’s what I think about when I think about buried alive. It’s just that I know that I’m alive and I’m grateful for it. And if I had to let anybody know who going through this little pandemic and was worrying. Just know that you alive and just be grateful for that, don’t be scared of death. Death is the only thing that’s promised to you. You just got to embrace whatever come. Just – just embrace destiny. You know, whatever’s [written for you?], accept that.

But this moment right here is- I call it the cave moment. You know, you go in a cave. You come out better, you know. It’s pushing you to isolate yourself. So if you do have to isolate yourself, you have to come out way better. There’s no prophet that went into the cave and came out the same, they came out better. So, that’s just what I think about when I think about buried alive, man. I just want ya’ll now to stay striving, man.

Stay up. And I’m grateful. So grateful. I’m thankful.