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Mumia Abu-Jamal

The greatest championship in tennis – Wimbledon – has just ended, and once more, the incredible Williams sisters – Venus and Serena – have risen to the occasion.

Serena, at 30 years old, first won a major tournament (the US Open), in 1999 – her 17th year. That she is doing so now, over a decade later, after the formidable obstacles life has recently thrown in her path, is a measure of the greatness of her game, and the power of her desire to win.

She played Polish player, Aggie Radwanska, who took one set from her (the second), after a punishing opening set that Radwanska barely got her racket on.

The third set, however, was all Serena. She restored her blistering serve, and demonstrated not merely power, but dominance. Early in the set, she aced her way through – 4 straight points.

I mentioned Venus. Although bounced early from the singles, the 5 time Wimbledon champ joined her baby sister for a doubles teaming that proved too tough to tangle with.

On the very day that Serena won her 2012 championship (her 14th major), she and Venus returned to claim the 2012 doubles championship!

Those Williams sisters!