Prison Radio
Quincy Dion Jones

This is Mr. Quincy Jones. My, uh, CDCR number is B as in boy, I, as in Indio, 92603.  I am currently housed in CDCR New Folsom in California. 

I have recently been a victim of police brutality, actually correctional officer brutality. You have to be very specific about these titles, especially when you take into account all that’s being done out there on the streets: the protesting and making a stand to say that this treatment of people of color must come to an end today. To see so many white people protesting the solidarity for the cause is very humbling to a person like Quincy Jones. Recently, as I was saying, I was a victim, November 10th at New Folsom on CR um, officer, uh, brutality. I was, uh, thrown to the ground while handcuffed on my right eye, and, um, I- I’ve suffered, uh, how severe trauma to my right eye. And I was also, um, according to San Joaquin Hospital in Stockton, California, they said I had a broken, left shin. Um, my, uh, my knee, my left leg injury is still, uh, you know, causing me a great deal of pain at this time. 

Uh, from November 10th, all the way until recently as a week ago, I was housed in the SHU program, SHU program meaning, uh, basically, uh, you get one phone call a week, and if you want to go to the yard, you do it inside of a cage, like an animal. I feel that that was very wrong for them to do me like that. Captain Conrad also felt that it was wrong for them to do me like that and wanted them to give me more phone call uses. But they refused to listen to the captain. So Quincy Jones’ treatment at this facility, uh, I feel is, uh, very, uh, unfortunate. I see a lot of things going on, uh, to help, uh, the abuse has taken a place on the street, but I don’t see a lot of people standing up and making noise for what’s going on behind these walls, these prison walls, these jail walls. Um, Because a lot of abuse is, is, is actually happening in here. And, um, you know, I don’t know, you know, a lot of people, they probably don’t want to tell their stories, but I think these stories need to be told. I think a lot of people around the world are listening right now.