Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

It has begun.

The dismantling and dismemberment of Detroit is at hand, and the U.S. federal court has opened the door to a program of disaster.

Now that a federal bankruptcy has been approved, the pensions of many thousands of retired city workers, is on the chopping block. People worked for decades, retired, and expected to live on their pensions in their last years.

Now, a coterie of lawyers, judges, politicians and financiers has prepared the framework to shatter these contracts, and feed at the trough like vampires in an old folks’ home.

Capitalism eats itself. In the infernal search for more and more profits, nothing whatsoever is sacred.

Detroit, with its shuttered schools, its foreclosed homes and its great Black population, is on the menu.

And believe it or not, Detroit is but a beginning, not an end. Today, Detroit; tomorrow – anywhere.

This is the bottom line of the ever-increasing war against workers, and especially, unions.

Next, look to California – and thereafter, it’s anyone’s guess.