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Krystal Clark

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Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the valley of death.

I want to start off and say thanks, thank y’all so much for the support and the ladies who are doing my fundraiser, I want to tell the world I need all the support, is for me to try to get to the hospital, for doctors who really care, can really like help me because these doctors in here, the prison, are playing with my life.

They are like- I really need help before- I’m emotional because there’s a lot of stuff going on right now. But we’re all- I really need y’all support, please support and help on the fundraiser. It’s for a good cause. The people who doing it is good people. They are fighting to get me out of here, to get me to a hospital so I would not be here, like my health is bad, like it’s nothing healing on me, nothing.

I’m getting retaliated by the newspaper about me talking about the people are killing theyself and talking about how we are living in here. They know about it. I don’t mind y’all opinion and everything that I tell y’all- I don’t mind who y’all tell, because it’s bad here. We almost had another lady. Two days, she tried to kill herself and hang herself, so- this is really sad, this like is really sad, like please support us, please support me, like we need help.

They are retaliating against me about my food, making me come out there in the rain, knowing I got meals in, won’t bring my food, making me come out there. Please help us, please support the fundraiser, please, it’s for good cause for me, it’s to help me. Please world, I need support, I need- they are retaliating- please, I don’t want to lose my life in here, please help, please.

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