Prison Radio
William Dixon

Hello America, for the world. My name is Bill Dixon. My inmate number is 529169. I’m in Toledo Correctional Institute at PO Box 80033 Toledo, Ohio 43608. And I have wrote a book. It’s called God Uses Gangsters by Faluch Bigsby. I had to use a pen name. Once you read the book, you’ll understand, and it’s about how I came to Christ, and how I want to unify America on a better development of just bringing people together. I used to be a very deep civil rights activist to where I was against racism, I used to pass out political paperwork and everything else. And right now we’re trying to work on the gang violence in the State of Ohio and the drug addiction. We’re trying to get the inmates together where we create our own programs, because we don’t think the government’s really trying to help us here. So, we want to do it ourselves. So, anybody that’s out there that wants to help us do this, we’d like to start correspondence programs, anything that anybody wants to get involved in. And I’d like for anybody that’s involved with gangs to call for peace because I myself grew up in a gang environment. I was once known as a gang member, and I no longer participate. And I have nothing against those that found that as their home, but I just think we as people shouldn’t judge each other. And with that, thank you. God bless. I love you guys. These commentaries are recorded by in Prison Radio.