Prison Radio
Reginald Sinclair Lewis

I am Reginald Sinclair Lewis.

This piece is called “House on Fire.” The keys to understanding why you, [inaudible], who comprise an overwhelming majority of law-abiding, hardworking  Americans, lose your homes to foreclosure. It’s just a tap, tap, tap away on the keys on your computer or a short trip to your newest law library.Look up contract law and state and trust, eminent domain, UCC laws, or unified commercial code. Draconian laws all pass by your state legislators and forced by the courts against you. If you are a recipient of [inaudible] mortgage law, chances are you could not discern or decipher the subtle complexities of the language.

The draft is hid in small print and the unreasonably unconscionable contracts of adhesion for law which is always secretly favors the other parties. Lawyers know exactly what it means, but they’re too afraid of the big, bad wolf to warn you. Black’s Law- Black’s Law Dictionary defines “attorney” as one designated to transact business for another. The prefix, “attorn-,” it come from the prefix “attorn-.” They also call esquire an old English term that is just one step below knights. You know one who guards and protects the crown. And then you receive a notice that says that you defaulted. But you better keep your eyes on these slight of hand hustlers, the magicians, because it’s sophisticated rules, a trick cleverly  orchestrated. You find yourself standing before the court of Caesar who looks down on you from the bench like a lowly peasant. The emperor has brand new clothes. Your daughter’s little house is swallowed up by the land barons, the oligarchs, the foreigners, the architects, the developers, the investors in this cold justification of utopian dream. Get out!

But you are not alone. You will not imagining things. You are not crazy. They are all really against you. The question becomes what are you going to do to change the laws. 

I am Reginald Sinclair Lewis. Thank you.