Prison Radio
Philip Jones

My name is Philip Alvin Jones. I’m calling for Washington state at the Washington State Penitentiary.

The name of this piece that I’m going to speak about is called “In Our unity Is Our Strength.” 

After witnessing all of the uprisings from the backlash of George Floyd and many other unarmed black people, what I came to learn is that protest alone won’t end systemic racism. The protest highlighted the injustice, brought attention to it. But there was no shift in social justice. What we witnessed was a response to our call for equal protection. Which was those who would like to see the status quo remain in tact, come out into daylight, more determined to maintain white supremacy emboldened by Donald Trump. They were not just more vocal. They were incited to hate crimes. Now, back to the point I was making about the need for more than just protest.

First, we organize. Then we show our outrage and finally we empower with our numbers by endorsing or fielding candidates all across the country. The result will be socially conscious elected officials who make policy changes, who at the very least have enough power from our vote to influence whoever is in power. Whoever, since the local government, federal government. We could change the whole country if we mobilize and continue to take control of our cities, states, and federal governments. The voting power is the strongest tool that we have at our disposal. We see as we witnessed what happened in Georgia. Now this is not just about political, uh, aspects of what’s going on in our communities. This is also about reforms, whether it’d be prison reform, whether it be sentencing reform, or whether it be the ending of a mass incarceration by abolishing the prison-industrial complex. But that’s the way that it’s done in a three-step plan. And I’ll speak on that and I’ll have more details on it, but that’s just enough for you to start thinking about this and then organizing with public groups who’s thinking the same way. 

Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for listening. I appreciate it.