Prison Radio
Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Hey, my name is Peter Kamal Mukuria, also known as Comrade Pitt. Um, um, this commentary, um, is called, um, pertaining, um, an aspect of prison, uh, which doesn’t get much consideration.

Um, oftentimes many people falsely believe that, um, prisons is synonymous to rehabilitation: you go to prison so you can be rehabilitated and we return to society as a better person. This is a narrative enforced by prison officials and those who will financially and politically benefit from imprisonment of human beings.

Um, there are plethora of instances which constitute violence, and prison is a form of such. It has a structure and a number of various criminal acts. Um, a person is forcibly removed from [inaudible] space and away from loved ones and friends, They mobilize especially to make you suffer.

Um, the removal from social space is an act of violence. Um, the immobilization is an act of control of a person’s consciousness who is in control of the body, and the resulting suffering serves [inaudible] political or psychological purposes. Um, that’s the base structure of imprisonment.

The kind was similar or isomorphic to what I just described. It shouldn’t happen. It’s purpose is personal gain of some kind for the kidnapper, and its major instrument is constraint. Um, another example is when a man sequesters his wife as a form of patriarchal control, keeping her locked in the house.

It’s causing us the same thing, and prison mates furthmore resembles torture. Um, the precondition for physical torture is immobilization, but its main element is inducing suffering so as to control the consciousness such as for the prisoner to behave in accordance with the torturer’s wishes. Um, prisons, despite its accessibility, is in the category of violence in terms of the model father act as well.

Um, in this sense, the violent acts of imprisonment does more than punished violations of law. Judicial process claims to punish criminals as a means of making them pay for their transgressions by undergoing a transgression themselves. How ironic! The act of punishment is indistinguishable from revenge.

They call of incarceration is a revenge ethic. That revenge ethic is the essence of any and all judicial process that [inaudible] imprisonment, but a revenge ethic cannot be used to respond to, let alone diminish the violence, cause it is itself an act of violence. That’s doubling down the violence of society and criminality.

Um, this nation has always been in denial of the horror it imposes on human beings, specifically black and brown people who not only compose the majorities of our prison, but are conspicuously the target of such violence while in imprisonment.

In order to eliminate the ethos of the prison of society, the commodification of human beings and going beyond capitalism, they come in educational human beings and go and be all is the only way to get past the perpetuation of violence which imprisonment entails.

Thank you for your time, and, as always, all power to the people. This is Comrade Pitt with the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party, Baltimore, D.C. IWOC, all power to the people. You can check me out on Instagram at @pittpanther_art.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.