Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

As these words are being formed, Iraq is a site of disaster.

The northern city of Mosul is falling to armed Islamic militants. Bombings are increasing with frequency and ferocity, claiming more and more lives.

And Iraq’s military are so uneven to the task that they are dropping weapons, ditching their uniforms – and fleeing!

Nearly $800 billion dollars have been spent, some 4,500 U.S. casualties have accrued, over a decade of war and occupation, and Iraq is on the brink of unraveling — further.

All that time. All those lives. All that money. Wasted on a mad pipe-dream of Iraqi democracy — or even the illusion of it.

The next time a war hawk squawks about the need for American military action to solve some global problem — think about Iraq.

The next time some hyped up politician calls for your son or daughter to sacrifice — think about Iraq.

The next time a neighborhood school is shuttered because of no money to support it — think about Iraq.

Wars for lies: think about it.

Think about Iraq.