Prison Radio
Reginald Sinclair Lewis

I am Reginald Sinclair Lewis, and this piece is called “It Should Tell You This.” 

I first learned about Larry Krasner’s campaign running for office for this Philadelphia district attorney in the Philadelphia Sun, a weekly newspaper that serves the progressive African-American community. In photograph after photograph, I saw him at his campaign rallies, political debates, protests, town hall meetings: a cool immaculately dressed cat, always posing amid throngs of his grassroots supporters. 

But then I thought what separated Krasner from any other politician who loves to be seen on camera? Flashiness, pearly whites behind the serpentine smile, you know, kissing back babies or eloquent, well-rehearsed speeches, and lies and false campaign promises wrapped around wide-sweeping platitudes. Before I could convince my politically conscious friends in Philly to vote for him, I need to know more about his agenda, his background, moral compass, his racial sensitivity and constitution. That’s why I asked volunteers to mail me literature from the Larry Krasner for District Attorney website. 

He wasn’t bred from a long line of robotic prototypes in a [inuadible] Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office that has historically, unabashedly, excluded blacks and women from serving on juries. An office with a horrible record of reading out death sentences to mostly poor black and Latino defendants. In Larry Krasner I saw no visible signs of hypocrisy, no resemblance to his cowardly predecessors who refused to indict countless racist cops, who assassinated numerous black men with impunity. Quite the contrary!

As a brilliant civil rights attorney, he has represented Black Lives Matter activists, DACA Dreamers, Act Up, Occupy Philly, [inaudible] of the criminal justice system that sees black defendants only as chattel slaves in hot demand, develop high-tech prisons financed by greedy corporate monsters. Krasner has vowed to never seek the death penalty in any case. He’s promised treatment for drug offenders to save taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing the numbers of prisoners by seeking alternatives to incarceration. He has promised to free the wrongfully convictions, fight fraud and conviction. He is a man and an extremely rare breed, some super exotic species who walks it like he talks it. It should tell you this: on Tuesday, November 7th, vote for Larry Krasner for Philadelphia district attorney. 

I am Reginald Sinclair Lewis.