Prison Radio
Derrick Gibson

My name is Derrick Gibson, and I’m a prisoner at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections at SCI Phoenix. On April the 6th, 2021 at SCI Phoenix, begin- begun administrating the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to all of its prisoners willing to take the one-shot vaccination, touting it has the best vaccine available, and with a free hoagie and $20 incentive for taking it, I was more than willing would have actually paid $20 and for a hoagie to receive it. So on April the 7th, 2021, it was issued to me with no immediate side-effects. Then on April the 8th, 2021, after waking up with a headache and feeling fatigue, a broadcast was issued throughout the prison from superintendent Silver that a prisoner had just died after taking and suffering side-effects of the vaccine and that all for the vaccinations are discontinued until further notice. And now I sit here in my cell more concerned about the touted vaccine than the actual virus and need to be further updated and informed as I am locked away on a restricted release of indefinite solitary confinement and extreme isolation. I can be reached at Smart Communications/PADOC, Derrick Gibson JP2190, P.O. Box 33028, St. Petersburg, FL, 33733,, or [inaudible]. In solidarity, Derrick Gibson, prisoner [inaudible] before Orange is the New Black