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Kenjuan Congo Jr.

Sign the Petition for Kevin Andrews

My name is Kenjuan Congo, Jr. I’m reporting from the belly of the beast.

Apparently we have an ally in our struggle for social justice named Kevin Andrews who is going up for a resentencing. Kevin was originally sentenced to 66 years for prescription fraud. 66 years for a nonviolent offense. With this kind of sentence, Kevin will not be released unless he lives to be 103 years old—66 years for a nonviolent offense.

In 2015, Kevin was prosecuted in Pennsylvania under the administration of former, and now convicted felon, attorney general Kathleen Kane. The Kane administration chose to prosecute Kevin in Blair county, Pennsylvania, over 200 miles from his home and support system. Kevin was forced to represent himself during a time when he was experiencing severe mental health issues.

Kevin was brought into court while on suicide watch, incompetent to conduct his own defense. At one point, the judge even asked Kevin if he knew where he was. I reminded us that Kevin was prosecuted in Blair county, Pennsylvania. This area is nearly all-white. Court records review that during trial, the white prosecutor compared Kevin to a little monkey, and the attorney general, who is now a convicted felon, in a nearly all-white county, over 200 miles from Kevin’s home, Kevin then [inaudible] the court on suicide watch. The judge asking Kevin if he knew where he was, the prosecutor calling Kevin a little monkey.

Kevin is going up for resentencing. Sign his petition. Go to, search “Kevin Andrews.” His petition will say “Justice for Kevin.” Kevin Andrews. “Justice for Kevin.”

This is Kenjuan Congo, Jr. reporting from the belly of the beast. Justice for Kevin. All power to the people.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.

these commentaries are recorded by in prison radio.