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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Major Tillery, for many years known as the jailhouse lawyer who led the 1990 Tillery v. Owens prisoners’ rights civil case, spawned from unconstitutional conditions at the state prison in Pittsburg, I still rumbling these days, this time for his life as well as his freedom.

His life, because he recently learned not only that he had hepatitis C, nor that it was chronic, but that his condition was so advanced that he now has cirrhosis of the liver!

The news, received recently, caused shock.

The DOC (Department of Corrections), which continues to utilize its unconstitutional protocol to delay treatment, has finally begun to treat Tillery, who has to complete a 12 week daily pill regimen composed of a direct-acting antiviral medication, like Harvoni or Sovaldi.

In his criminal appeals, Major filed a remarkable post-conviction petition, arguing that 2 state witnesses in his case not only testified falsely, but were granted sex visits with their girlfriends by case detectives, at the Old Roundhouse in Center City Philadelphia, to seal the deal!

The DA’s office response?

That Tillery didn’t file a timely petition!

For real.

Major has, of course, appealed.

He continues to rumble today, on 2 fronts.