Prison Radio
Jamil Pirant


It’s been 12 years I’ve been locked up. And I did everything that you did for me, from teaching me how to tie my shoes, teaching me how to walk across the street, teaching me how to do everything I need to do. I stay in a one-man cell, and I just think about everything that you taught me and it’s helping me survive right now. I just love you, I understand your struggles.

If anything, if I did anything here to hurt you, Ma or make you cry, Ma. I’m sorry. You know what I’m saying, I know I’m your baby boy now. I know you love me dearly and I love you too. And I promise I’m just trying to do everything I can to come home to you. I just need you to stay strong for me because it’s a lot going on out there in that world. Like, it’s a lot going on here. 

But I admire you. To be 24, 25, have three kids, married young. I did it, like you was my mom and my little hero. I don’t understand you being 30 years old. That was young, that’s young, 28. Now I understand that’s young. Ma, you a queen, now I understand what you did to raise us. Raised us right.

I love you, mama. Promise I do. Thank you.