Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

The regime of Donald Trump has radiated a global aura of dread, fear and the bared teeth of the state as a predator, hungry for power.

From Day One the Trump Regime has used fear, innuendo and lies to sell its program of repression, so much so that one of the most conservative institutions of government, the courts, have been forced to slap down Trump’s maniac Muslim Ban.

Former U.S. Chief Justice William Rhenquist once opined that ‘in times of war, the law is silent’. This axiom provided that the President had his strongest hand in cases involving national security.

Because Trump was so ham-handed, he signed an executive order that essentially dared the courts to defy him, barring Muslims (especially Syrian Muslims) from entering the US, even those holding valid visas. His defeat at the hands of the US Court of Appeals was epic.

But even an illegal, unconstitutional executive order effects real lives, separating and shattering families, tearing parents from their American-born children, sowing the seeds of grief and pain that will last for generations.

Donald Trump rode the waves of xenophobia, fear and lies into the Oval office, and is stoking the embers of racial hatred for power.

He represents the dying generation of people, whom see their way of life passing away.

They are biting, bitching and clawing to hold back the clock of change.

They will not go quietly into thy night.

They will spill their guts of fear, of terror against Change, and fight like hell as they try to Make America White Again.