Prison Radio
William Dixon

Mental Health Wellness is concrete critical and I’ve spent long term years enclosed in a claustrophobic and inhumane setting that passes daily inefficiency based on walls that daily inhabit me by ignited(?) consumption. Not to mention taxpayer throughout our nation pay large amounts of money for shelter, food, clothing, medical and mental health care, but their hard earned money does not beneficially contribute for prisoners health and wellness and therapeutic standards to ensure that we as prisoners inside are properly supplied with viable access for adequate mental health care. Our fellow civilians whose wages keep becoming wasted through government constructed, ineffective protection. For instance, severely mentally ill prisoners housed inside cells for extensive amounts of time without access or appropriate recreational action becomes victims to this mentally tragic notion of mental health care being broadly ineffective. It is of great importance for mentally ill prisoners be able to participate in healthy productive activity. It is a means for one’s positively beneficial effects, serenity and aid towards health and wellness to exercise the mind.
Long term stays within four-sided stonewall cells are detrimental to our well being as prisoners in general, and overtime can contribute to moderate or severe mental health diagnosis such as bipolar schizophrenia or depressive disorder. Daily present agenda for recreation activity are at most of little practice and inefficient for that matter. And I have been a recipient upon this mental health destruction for significant years now. I’ve spent over a period of 20 years in and out of the criminal justice system since age of 16 And majority time on my stay, I’ve been housed in solitary confinement units. And surprisingly I’ve still been able to keep my sanity intact. In quotes, just as Dr. Martin Luther King stated; the mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is critical to be able to manage our mental health at the same time, it should be to self rehabilitation. It is an aide and caregiver to the mind.

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