Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Tornadoes – two miles wide.

Whipping – whipping –ripping – breaking – lives, wood, brick, steel, hearts and families asunder.

Buildings as big as malls, shredded like children’s toys.

Cars, trees, children – my God –children! – tossed through the air like leaves.

And while man didn’t create these primal, natural forces, modern, industrial life with its myriad of pollutants has made it no better – and has indeed, exacerbated it.

So, bigger, fiercer storms are our lot; nature unleashed like an angry goddess – ripping – whipping – tearing and breaking.

Whirlpools of wind before which few can dare stand.

Meanwhile politicians debate whether climate change is real or not; while parents bury their children.

This time; Moore, Oklahoma.

More to come.