Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Most of us know of the famed Angola 3, Black Panthers who organized a real branch of the Black Panther Party in the infamous Angola Prison in Louisiana.

But, Robert King Wilkinson, the late Herman Hook Wallace, and Albert Woodfox taught other men there about Black History, politics and Black Panther history.

In this hot-house of repression some men joined the Party, and held fast to its revolutionary ideals and principles.

One such man is Kenny ‘Zulu’ Whitmore, who joined the Party in 1978, after Herman recruited him. And since that joining Zulu has spent a total of 35 years in solitary confinement, principally for his political beliefs.

To make matters worse, his mentor, Herman Wallace, recently returned to his ancestors after 2 days of freedom, and 41 years in solitary.

Zulu was left alone.

Arrested in 1975 for a double armed robbery (based on, at best, paltry evidence) Zulu came to prison when he was 23. This past October he hit his 59th birthday –and his 35th year in the hole.

He is facing an incredible 99 year sentence; southern justice at its very best.