Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the valley of death. When I mean to say this, this is the killing valley, they killing doctors, they all like this is terrible, like this is sickness like.

I hate to keep on calling y’all when it gets, you know, no good news. I wish I can call y’all and say oh wow, they finally doing that. They just keep on harassing me. Every time I call y’all or they listen to my phone calls, my emails, and then they start picking with me. Now I get- they tell me to come to health care. I go to health care thinking they gonna help me, they tell me bring my eardrops. I bring my eardrops to them, they take them. They tell me now they want me to come start coming up there twice a day to take my eardrops when I’ve been on these eardrops for what almost what three four years almost now, and I’ve been doing everything they tell me to do. They took my soft diet- now my face messed up. I can’t really eat.

The dietician will tell me take small bites and drink water and it get soft, and talk about my weight. My weight is full of fluid and is swollen. For this lady not to see me to say something like then take something that I really need. I’m not- I don’t understand. I’m not doing nothing to these people. I’m following everything they had me do, I do everything the right way, now I gotta come out there in the cold bathroom floor to put eardrops in my ear which I’m been doing them every day? Every day, every time I’ve been taking all my medicine on time, doing everything they asked me to do, and now they taking stuff from me like they- this is- this is totally unacceptable, they- this is totally- this is wrong. Didn’t even sit me down explain to me just take it like I’m just nobody, like I’m just nothing. Every time I go out to the [inaudible], don’t nobody explain nothing to me- taken this medication.

What is going on, what is y’all covering? Like this is wrong. Then they wondering why people commit suicide, look how we get treated here. People are tired of this. And they feel like we don’t got nobody out there fighting for us, but I’d be begging on them hold on, there’s people out there fighting for us. But people are tired. I mean, you cannot blame these people. We are getting- this is terrible. Who would want to go through something like this? I’m tired. I don’t know how much longer I can take. I’m tired, like I’m tired. They should have been helping me. They just keep on, like this is wrong. This is totally wrong. I’m sick of this. Nobody just sit me down telling me anything. I can’t- I barely can eat anything, they throw the food on top of each other, be all food on it This is wrong.

This is wrong like, and they’re already aware of this, and I’m asking her, Macintosh, this lady this nurse supervisor they let talk to me any kind of way, talk to all us not just one of us, all these older people out, tell us what we can’t do this and all this like, her and her daughter in- I think her name is Robinson, nurse Robinson, supervisor, they are terrible. It’s like there ain’t nothing being done with these people. Nothing. They let them do whatever they want, I ask her like why you’re taking it to explain to me why, nobody telling me nothing. I gotta come over here and y’all put something in my ear that I’m doing everyday, then you take my food talk about my weight and no one is doing and nobody’s doing nothing?

This is unacceptable. This is unacceptable, like they try cover up from this mold, this mold is killing us. This food is killing us. This water is not safe, why not we focus on that, and I got these bacterias is keep on just coming and not going nowhere. This is a shame, maybe you should test on us, maybe we should put the word out there, you test all us and see how many people got what I got. Like this was wrong. They told me I was gonna be on IV antibiotics, lie to me and now they put me on the same antibiotics I’ve been on so many times this eating my stomach up, y’all told me I couldn’t take it no more, now I’m not getting it. They’re just playing games with my life.

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