Prison Radio
Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Hey, this is comrade Pitt.

Got a brief commentary on police violence as well as correctional violence (laughs) within prisons. So, police violence has never been a figment of Black folks’ imagination—it has always been all objective reality. And with the proliferation of social media, this reality got exposed to the world. But social media’s availability is inaccessible to those behind the walls who are subject to torture by prison officials. Which makes it impossible and/or extremely difficult to hold prison officials accountable.

I’m currently held in Red Onion State Prison, which is one of two Virginia’s maximum prisons. But it was brought to my attention that on 10, 10- 10-25-20 at Wallens Ridge prison—which is another maximum prison—that a young black men named Devon Banks AKA Little D was severely physically assaulted by numerous prison guards while he was utterly defenseless, and was in handcuffs and shackles during this colony assault.

I was not surprised to learn that they went as far as to repeatedly kick him in the genitals. Imagine if this is your son, or brother, nephew, grandchild, or cousin. How would you feel upon hearing of such an assault? Wallens Ridge and Red Onion prison are located in the Appalachia area. Which the staff are entirely white, whereas the prison population are vastly composed of Black and Brown prisoners.

Assaults on prisoners while completely defenseless in restraints are nothing new at these two facilities. Don’t take my word for it. You’re more than welcome to look up the history of these two prisons. The sheer fact that numerous prison guards [inaudible] utterly comfortable enough to physically assault a prisoner while he’s in handcuffs and shackles without a single thought of possibly losing their job or being held accountable.

This illustrates that this is something normalized. Such kinds of assaults aren’t unbeknownst to Harold Clark, who is the Virginia Department of Corrections Director. They allow such assaults to occur due to their incompetence and/or deliberate indifference in holding guards accountable. These guards who severely beat up this young man—who was in handcuffs and shackles—at the end of their work shift, they go home to their families as though nothing ever happened.

Will probably go to church on Sunday and pray, but their hearts carry pure hate and evilness. I don’t know this young man Devon Banks, but I know precisely what he’s going through. As I too have been through such cowardly assault. And witnessed so many other prisoners subjected to such. While the world is outraged at gratuitous, unjustifiable police brutality. Look at what’s happening behind-inside these torture chambers they call prisons. Well, we don’t have videos. All we have are our stories.

All power to the people. Black lives matter.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.