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Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Race Matters ~ The Murder of Tyree Nichols & The overpolicing & Unjustifiable Slaying of Black Bodies

  “We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of Black people,other people of color, all people inside the United States.”

 ~The Black Panther Party Ten Point Program and Platform #7.

To claim that I was shocked, subsequent to watching the video of Tyre Nichols literally being beaten to death by 5 Memphis police,would be misleading. 5 Black Men, who were part of a now defunct, anti -violence unit, ironically named ” The Scorpion Unit” were the perpetrators ,this time. I am not shocked, because such beatings occur on a regular basis,in places like where I reside. A razor wire plantation is where I currently live.  In fact, by now, the  majority of folks in society ,fathom the existing racial bias, which pervades Prisons & Police departments.  Not only, was Tyre Nichols beaten to death, but it was an act of police violence perpetrated by 5 Black pigs.  Much noise has been made regarding the fact that Black pigs killed an unarmed Black man. As though ,being the same race would somehow eradicate the existing and systemic racial bias in police departments. When it comes to police violence, race does indeed matter and often times it’s the determining factor in if one gets to live or die. 

As we’ve seen too many times, race does matter-but perhaps not the way you think. What matters is the race of the victim who is being assaulted, harassed, falsely arrested, and\or murdered. The race of the violent pigs has no significance, whatsoever.   It certainly isn’t relevant to whether racial bias is employed during the violence.

Due to the history linked with violence being visited upon Black bodies, when we see a video similar to George Floyd’s, Eric Garner’s, Tamir Rice’s ,Tyre Nichols ‘ and countless other murders of Black people. We are not only, watching a video of people being systematically murdered by those who took an oath to “protect and serve,”.  We are revisiting the history of violence to Black bodies in this country.  A Country, which has been fascinated with imposing violence on Black bodies since 1619. A classic case, of history repeating itself.

To some Black people,  specifically of the lumpen proletariat class, who reside in communities plagued with crime and violence. Black police may be viewed as their protector and they’d prefer  to have Black police over white police in their communities. Seeing Black police embrace the very same police violence,which has been systematically imposed on Black people and aligning themselves with a police subculture that demands loyalty to even the most heinous police conduct is beyond mind boggling.  It is unfathomable, especially since modern day policing can be traced back to slave patrols . Abuses within the criminal injustice system continue to result in over policing, unjustifiable murders,& the mass incarceration of Black people.

Returning to my earlier point, about how race is a determining factor in how police, police. It is a far, far, far fetched notion,even utterly impossible to think ,for a second that these 5 Black pigs or police of any race for that matter would beat a white unarmed person to death under

similar or even less circumstances.   “Rogue police,” or so called “bad apples” are always quick to be blamed when in fact the system functions as intended. Violence on Black bodies is as Amerikan as Apple pie.  There is no “fix” to this. The only fix would be dismantling the entire system.  Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before people become outraged as yet another video of police violence surfaces. We will return back to  the street, protesting,  yelling no justice no… You know the rest by now.

Dare to Struggle,

Dare to Win !

All Power to the People !

Comrade Pitt.

Minister of labor-Revolutionary Intercommunal Black panther party.



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