Prison Radio
Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Yeah, revolutionary greetings. So I want to- first of all, this is comrade Peter calling in from Red Onion Resort. I want to, first of all, give a special revolutionary shout out to New Afrikan Black Panther Party comrades and the United Panther Movement comrades; panther love. And then Baltimore Industrial Workers of the World, Incarcerated Workers Ogranizing Committee comrades; panther love.

I want to commend my comrades for the incredible work they have been doing supporting those of us caught up in the carceral system. Both of these organizations implemented critical programs that I think should be replicated.

It’s well understood that the terrible impact and destabilization mass incarceration has caused on oppressed communities. And oftentimes those incarcerated tend to be extremely far away from their communities, which makes it nearly impossible for people to visit their loved ones. Now this tactic is conspicuously designed to break family and community ties.

Having recognized this, the NABPP and UPM launched a free busing to prison program offering free transportation so families may have, you know, may have contact visits with their loved ones more often and keep that bond and connection. The Baltimore IWW IWOC implemented just for a program, which they- which they offer free rides, free rides home, phone calls, snacks, cigarettes, Narcan, condoms, clean masks, soaps, and pamphlets on political education to those being released from the Baltimore central booking.

When most people are arrested and taking the central booking oftentimes upon release, they have nothing more but the clothes on their backs, so being released and instantly being offered necessary essentials is a head start as they won’t have to worry about these things for the next few days or so.

What these comrades do simply best echoes what Che Guevara stated: at the risk of seeming ridiculous, a true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. It is impossible to find a revolutionary lacking this feeling, end quote. This is what we also call panther love.

These comrades are not armchair revolutionaries who merely theorized but fear to put theory to practice. The program they implemented wasn’t easy to bring to fruition, but their determination and love for the people made it happen.

I’m proud of the work they’re doing, and I urge others to replicate these programs. In addition, the NABPP UPM also launched other community programs, such as the free water distribution and poverty blocking in whichPanthers and volunteers clean up the streets, the Black August barbecue free food program.

And I must say that I’m truly honored to say that these are not only my comrades or my friends, but my extended family; and panther love and “gubu powatu” [transcriber’s approximation], meaning power to the people is always. (laughs) That is Comrade Pitt.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.