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Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

Comrade Pitt, I’m Peter Kamal Mukuria, calling in from Red Onion State Prisonin Virginia. Um, this title is called “Stop Asian Hate.”

America’s original sin was and is, as self-evident, continues to be racism. But now, unless you live under a rock, we all have witnessed, read about, or aware of the uptick in racist violent acts directed towards people of Asian descent.

But as one would imagine, um, the cases of violent [inaudible] attacks are probably much higher. Um, those are some of them, it may seem as though these racist violent attacks merely begun as a direct result of Trump weaponizing the pandemic against people of Asian descent, which to some degree it did in fact play a large role in the uptick of these racist violent attacks.

However, I do believe such racism has always existed. Um, America has a unique way of avoiding the truth about its racism in order to secure its pseudo-optic innocence and hide its ugliness and evil from the rest of the world. But the truth cannot be hidden for too long. As more and more [inaudible] emerge on the violent racist acts fluctuated towards people of Asian descent, the question of who we are as a country is once again brought into conversation.

Um, a recent study conducted by ABC News revealed that of 3000 violent racist attacks, 68% of them have been against Asian women, um, in the March 16, 2021 killings of eight people at Atlanta’s massage parlor, of those 8, 6 were Asian women. And also a majority of those attacks have been elderly- elderly people. So these attacks [inaudible] could be directed to the most vulnerable.

Um, as much as people turned out to protest for racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement, my hopes will be such passionate energy would also be extended to the Asian community. Um, solidarity with the Asian community must go beyond mere hashtag, posts, or retweet. [Inaudible] solidarity and empathy are nice gestures, but change only comes through action.

Um, this piece once again is titled “Stop Asian Hate.” Um, this is something that I repeatedly keep witnessing. And, um, you know, as a black man in America, um, you know, such racism is one that I have, um, explicitly experienced myself and, um, you know, and we can go back to centuries as well, um, with the enslavement of millions of African-American men and women.

But, um, this was definitely something that I just had to, um, extend my solidarity to when I hope that others also do the same.

And thank you for listening to my commentary. Thank you for your time. Um, stop Asian hate.

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