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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Since when have you seen teachers treated like (in the words of South Carolina congressman, James DeMint (R) “thugs”?

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) decided to fight back, after the state legislature tacked on more school days, added two hours to the school day, and stripped the union of its power to bargain over such issues.

This Chicago public school struggle is more than a local one, for Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, was President Obama’s top dog several years ago, and an advocate of the Obama version of George Bush’s failed “No Child Left Behind” program, under a new name, but many of its same features: “Race to the Top.”

The Chicago education struggle is bigger than ‘the Windy City’.

It’s about the battle between public education and privatization, and which side do you think the Obama administration is on?

It ain’t the teachers – or the students.

Yet, it’s a safe bet that at least 80% of American teachers will vote to re-elect Obama, for they shudder at the Republican alternative.

But no matter whom they vote for, they are voting for corporatists, who differ more in degree than substance.

For the moment, however, Chicago’s teachers are fighting; and that’s a good thing.

More power to them!