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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Brothas, Sistas;

To the Movement in Texas against the death penalty: Ona Move!

It’s been years since I’ve spoken out against the death penalty in Texas. The last time (I believe was on behalf of Bro. Shaka Sankofa — a brilliant young man, who grew to proud Black manhood in the shadow of the Death House.

A young man who would be alive today, had the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Roper case a few months earlier, for it outlawed the execution of those who were juveniles when the crimes occurred — like Shaka Sankofa.

A stronger, deeper Movement could’ve kept him alive — that’s what a Movement can do!

A stronger, more militant movement could’ve freed him from bondage – that’s what a movement can do!

So, build; multiply; expand — that too is what Movements do!

Movements — especially mass movements, can, quite literally, change society. But they must be militant; they must be transformative; they must be without compromise.

And they must be mass.

That’s where the Movement must go.

Thank you all.