Prison Radio
Dennis “Solo” McKeithan

I’ve been in prison 35 years for a crime of robbery I did not commit. Yes, one robbery and no, there was no assault, no murder, no anything of that nature involved. My story is about the death penalty many do not know about, and it was executed only by the Philadelphia injustice system in 1982-83 under the title of Career Criminal Program or CCP.

I did not fit the criteria to be placed in this status, but I was, and that’s how I was sentenced to a death penalty and numbers 55 to 110 years: an illegal sentence. Not only was I innocent of a crime, I was innocent of being a career criminal.

They said you have to have three previous convictions. I didn’t fit that criteria. I only had two. I only had two, but here I am still fighting, still fighting not to be another innocent man that dies in prison, murdered by a corrupted judicial system. My fight has been to get in the courtroom. My nephew asked me one day, why do I have life in prison if I didn’t kill anyone, and I told him I have death and I’m still asking myself the same question every day.

The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees me to right to self-representation. Yet in order to cover up the injustice perpetuated by the Philadelphia injustice system, the courts still legally violated my Sixth Amendment right to represent myself in order to sabotage my latest PCRA based on new law that supports my issue of an illegal sentence and misclassification as a career criminal.

By law, the courts could not deny me to represent myself unless they gave me what it’s called the Grazier hearing to determine that I am not competent to represent myself. That never happened and could not happen because I have represented myself in three civil trials against the DOC, which I won, and various prisons, which I won, and represented myself in a criminal trial against [inaudible] county, which I won. So my competence is without question.

I clearly checked off the PCRA petition that I do not want a lawyer to represent me. That was a valid waiver counseling. So why did the court appoint a lawyer after two years to represent me? A lawyer I never requested, never saw, never spoke to, never heard from, and because it was a second petition, I had no right to have counsel appointed. So again, why did the court in violation of my rights to self-representation, appoint a lawyer to represent me.

It was in order to sabotage my petition. This lawyer was an extra prosecutor. Even the DA didn’t challenge my petition, my appointed lawyer did. As long as they can operate in silence, they will murder me by keeping me in prison until I die.

But if publicity could be put on my tape, people can look at to the prosecution of misconduct, [inaudible] purges and false testimony called Cooper, who pretended to be an ex-cop as on duty, which we now know that he never been a cop ever. And the DA and the judge knew this man had never been a policeman and put them on a stand to get a judge false testimony. If these things can come out, if the story can be told, maybe I have a chance to save my life.

And the last thing I’m going to say is, if you remember the infamous 39th district, they are involved in this case. That should tell you a lot. That’s my story today about the death penalty that nobody knows about.