Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

THE PRISONS NEXT TIME – A poem by sister Julia Wright

the daughters and sons
of the students
of 1968
learned well
the only university course
worth its while:
The Revolution

the United States
throughout the territories
from the Indigenous Peoples,
our  brave children
looking the mass graves
of Gaza
in the eyes
are building
the only space
worth its while –
Liberation Zones

they are claiming
that their universities
and cease exchanges
with a fascist country
any fascist country
committing genocide

staring the mass graves
in the eye
they uphold
Antigone’s unwritten
of humanity
and the right to bury with ancestral rites
those slain

it will be the prisons –
the prisons
where guards are recycled
to the Gazas of the world

the prisons 
where the slaves of forced labor
produce the munitions
that kill their comrades
freedom fighting
across borders

the prisons
where the captured
undergo Palestine-tested torture

the prisons
where our political prisoners
are hidden from sight

the prisons
where our daughters and sons
from the campuses
are being locked up today

it will be the unliberated prisons’ turn
next time