Prison Radio
Quincy Dion Jones

This is, uh, Mr. Quincy Jones, um, uh, CC number BI9263. 

Of course, as of the officer abuse, November 10th, nurse Deseree made a medical report that did not show any of the significant injuries I have- that occurred when I was seen the next day by the pill call nurse when they, uh, sent me to A Yard, A5 to be exact. I was immediately seen by the RN who sent me immediately to San Joaquin Hospital within a matter of a couple of hours, um, uh, with these significant injuries, um, the very next day. So, uh, two sergeants come to see me, like I say, the very next day. And, um, they tell me, MB5, that if they’re going to have the nurse do a second incident injury report. And after she’s finished with that, they’re immediately going to do a, um, they’re going to conduct a use of force interview where they’re going to use a camcorder, um, to record the injuries to my right eye and the severe injury to my left, uh, shin bone. 

So now I’m at the point where, um, the law firm RBGG, located in San Francisco, RBGG, they’re located in San Francisco, they’ve been, um, helping me with, uh, different matters, um, that I going through at this facility this whole years since I’ve been here. But I want to thank RBGG for, um, you know, sticking by me and now I’m- they- actually- um, because of what’s going on now, they set up a private, uh, interview for the 22nd of February, um, coming up shortly in about a week or so, so, you know, it was going to be very interesting because you know, the private call, you know, um, nobody can hear what you say with your attorney. So I’m looking forward to that, you know, seeing what our next move was gonna be. Like I said, my first segment, you know, a lot of things are going on. Um, to address these horrendous and horrific, uh, situations that go on with law enforcement and, um, and uh, people of color. But as I feel a lot of is not being done, the rest that goes on behind prison walls. So I want to thank RBGG once again, and I want to thank, uh, Prison Radio.