Prison Radio
Peter “Pitt” Mukuria

“What is Justice?”

As I sit in the cell, letting my hands lean, pondering in anger in what has come to be called justice. Thoughts racing a hundred miles an hour, furious that a wannabe armed vigilante was acquitted of two counts of obvious murder and one count of attempted murderer. This being in the backdrop of yet another privileged white kid getting sentenced to probation for the rape of four teenage girls.

Their wounds reopened and traumatized, yet once again, peaceful social justice protests met with tear gas, rubber bullets, and arrest, while insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol building are allowed to cause chaos and walk out of the building on their own free will. I ask: what is justice? An innocent black man gets his death sentence commuted, but yet did not get any possibility for parole, all the while, the one who framed him roams free.

Kevin Cooper continues to languish in death row despite a myriad of evidence proving his innocence. It’s justice about convictions won by corrupt prosecutors and judges? Is justice forcing poor people to plead guilty out of fear of going to trial without proper legal defense?

Ah, the net called justice which has entrapped millions of black and brown lives condemned to decades inside of human warehouses. Exploited commodities subject to modern day slavery to ensure the survival of the prison-industrial complex. The despicable justice. The masses are walking. Reform’s no longer an option for a system in capable of administering equal justice. Changing the entire corrupt system is the sole remedy.

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