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Reginald Sinclair Lewis

My name is Reginald Sinclair Lewis, and this essay is called “White Supremacist Lies.” 

Pennsylvania Third Circuit Court of Appeals judge D. Michael Fisher was a prominent state senator before his appointment to the federal bench. He was one of the architects of this state’s antiquated death penalty statute in 1978. He served two terms as attorney general, where his office received significant funding to establish an Orwellian-like SWAT unit that track, monitor, challenge, and ultimately defeated countless death row appeals. In a contentious debate during his unsucessful bid for governor, a moderator questioned the top former cop about Philadelphia’s long history of excluding blacks and women from serving on juries. Fisher rebutted an argument that Pennsylvania’s judicial system was inherently discriminatory. It’s August 13th, 1983.

This poor, young black defendant stands before notorious racist’s hanging judge Albert F. Sabo, and a young, hungry white prosecutor trained to strike blacks from juries. [inaudible] qualified conviction-prone, illegal all-white jury is seated. The sentence is death. A study by Amnesty International found that Philadelphia was the most racially biased jurisdiction in these United States. Judge Fisher asserted that the findings were absolutely devoid of foundation. It’s 2009. Judge Fisher sits on a three-judge panel deciding my fate. Several years earlier, he boasted at his Senate confirmation hearing that he was an [inaudible] proponent of capital punishment and that his views had not changed. It’s November 2016. The United States Supreme Court issues versus Pennsylvania, which [inaudible]. The court asked not whether a judge harbors an actual subjective bias. [inaudible] the average judge in his position is likely to be neutral. Or whether there is an unconstitutional potential for bias. 

This powerful new rule of constitutional law meant that Judge D. Michael Fisher should have recused himself from ruling on this petitioner’s writ of habeas corpus heretofore and forever. But the great monstrosity of white supremacy as a social construction [inaudible] schemes. And after denying my recent pro se 60B6 motion and subsequent requests for a rehearing, he was promoted to chief judge of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. How about this? A national movement to identify shame, expose, remove, black-robed [inaudible] judges and prosecutors from an overwhelmingly white male patriarchal judicial system still entrenched in a time-warped, neocolonialistic mindset. I am Reginald Sinclair Lewis.