Islamaphobia's Injustice (3:50) Ayyub Abdul-Alim

On Thursday April 10, please join Justice For Ayyub outside of Hampden Superior Courthouse in Springfield, Massachusetts at 9am for a know-your-rights-training and rally in support of Ayyub Abdul-Alim. Ayyub, a Muslim Puerto Rican father, business man, and strong community member, was framed by the Springfield Police and local Joint FBI Task Force on December 2008, in which the police planted a gun on Ayyub. When brought to the station, Ayyub was given a choice by the FBI: Work as an informant, or spend 15 years behind bars. On April 10, Ayyub's first trial date, his family, friends, and community will pack the courtroom to show our love and support for his freedom! Please join us!