Jill Burrella's Testimony

Yeah, he, he threatened me. He totally flipped out. The police didn't arrest them. They just tell them not to beat the hell out of me in front of them, but right there he violated the protection order and they didn't do anything. They let him come in the house and get a few things and then drive away.
 They waited outside with me, so they didn't even score them in the house, but I was outside. I don't think that I was that stupid to be in the house. The cops are outside me and him in the house. No bad. And then he violated her all that weekend. Saturday he was threatening and calling and threatening and calling.
And I called the police. They were in my kitchen with me. He called about 10 times, cause he kept driving by, he saw the police at my house. He saw the cop cards, like make them go to the F away. I'm going to, you know, make them go the F away. Now I'm like, he's calling. I think I put the cop on the phone with him one time, you know.
 Yeah. They, um, he, they even talked to him. They didn't do anything. My attorney's got the records from that Friday to that Tuesday. He called me about a hundred and sometimes, but he called at least 10 times when they were in my kitchen. There were, they call us back when he's here or if he's doing something to you when he's, you know, like what?
 When he's beating the hell out of me, either. He never let me call it before when he's doing it, he would break the phone. He wouldn't let the kids call in the past either. You know? Thank God they were in school. All three of my kids were not home. They were not present anytime during that time. Thank goodness he never threatened to kill them.
But who knows? Who knows? At the last minute, he was that desperate. Who knows? And I thank God I never had to find out, but he let me call my mom to say goodbye and I told my mom, you has to gone hell to me and he's going to shoot me goodbye. And she wanted to talk to him and believe it or not, he took the phone.
Okay. So you wanted to take a buy once he took the phone, I tried to run out the front door, so of course he slammed the phone down, broke the kitchen phone. It was only our eighth hundred phone. He loved breaking phones, chased me. I didn't get far. You know, I got to the end of our sidewalk in front of our house and he drug me back in the house, threw me down right on the inside of the door in the foyer and shot me. And I'm lucky though that he was standing over me because the bullet entered my left chest. But. Stopped at my right hip. It took it diagonal projectory. Yeah. My lung collapsed, I guess just cause he doesn't like a hot searing bullet going through it. But my heart was untouched. Oh, my damage was in my stomach and well, you know, I got scars.
I remember him just standing in the doorway staring at me after he shot me. And, um, I was wearing a sweater, it was January, and I remember it was a light color, and I remember it was getting heavy and I looked down and yeah, it was filling up with my blood and I'm like, help me, you know? Help me. I'm going to die.
And he just stood there and the phone was broken in the kitchen and he was standing by, so I had to get up and run down the foyer into, we made our garage into a half office, grabbed the phone there and called nine one one. I was on the phone with nine one one talking to nine one one and saying he's going to kill himself.
You know, he's about to shoot himself. Like I saw it. I was on the phone with nine one one when it happened.