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Delbert Africa - 2/22/2017 - On The Move


On the Move. On the move to everybody out there that's been on the move no matter what ideology, what thought, what process you going under. If you're actively going up against this system, then you are truly on the move.

My name's Delbert Africa from the MOVE organization. I just want to say the MOVE organization is a family of strong, serious, deeply committed revolutionaries founded by a wise, perceptive, strategically-minded Black man named John Africa. John Africa took each and every MOVE member from the weak-bodied, sick, inactive, apathetic persons that we were and molded us into strong revolutionaries that are committed to doing away- eliminating this system. Not reforming it, not changing its government, but eliminating this whole oppressive system.

And what I'm here today, thanks to Noelle Hanrahan and Prison Radio, is a call for everybody else out there, I don't care who you are, to become and stay revolutionaries. Cuz revolution is not a philosophy, it ain't a theory, it's an activity. If you still worshipping money, if you still doing drugs, if you abusing your mate, then you ain't revolting against this system, you're helping this system keep this same thing going. What I'm saying is, I want the eco-warriors to keep on fighting. I want Black Lives Matter to keep on revolting. I want the animal liberationists to keep on fighting. Those who are descendants of native lands out there in South Dakota against that oppressive pipeline, keep on fighting. Don't let this system put you down. I want everybody in the LGBQT community, keep on fighting. Don't give in. This is what John Africa has taught MOVE: not to ever give in to this oppressive system. It don't matter about jail, it don't matter about prisons, we know that we can keep on and we won't be stopped.

John Africa has taught us that MOVE can be hurt, alright? We all know people out there are being hurt by this system, but MOVE will not be stopped. We got feelings just like all life got feelings, and we're sensitive and we know we can be hurt. But MOVE will not be stopped and we want everybody out there that's on that active path, that's about changing this system, to know, there is revolutionary past, and you keep on with it, you won't be stopped.

We want people out there to understand, revolution is not a philosophy, it's an activity that everybody's got to engage in. No matter this system be flashing and shooting us down and jailing us- keep on fighting. John Africa has taught MOVE that revolution ain't a principle that is applied just when the oppressor is oppressing us, revolution is the principle of freedom even when the oppressor don't exist. That means you got to be revoluting at home, on the streets, in the courtrooms and ever.

Speaking of courtrooms, I want to emphasis and praise Black Lives Matter that, look, I love what yall are doing out there, young folks. Keep on doing it. But don't forget, this damn system be shooting us down, not only in the streets, but in them courtrooms. So get on them in them courtrooms. Get on them lying politicians that keep them courtrooms going. And for all those who have chosen to be and label themselves revolutionaries, don't never let it stop.

 If, by chance, you get elected to be a councilman or councilwoman, that don't mean nothing. Still take your revolutionary values straight there into the council chambers. If you become a judge, be a revolutionary judge, you know what I'm saying? This is what John Africa taught us, that revolution is the heart of life. Revolution is a principle of life that means you don't never stop doing it, you don't never give up, you just keep on doing it. And this is my message that I'm giving to you from the prisons of this damn system here and I'm saying, keep on fighting for the freedom of all of us political prisoners: Mutulu Shakur, Zola Azania, David Gilbert, Leonard Peltier, Sundiata Acoli, Jalil Muntaquim, Mumia Abu Jamal and definitely all of the MOVE 9. And my sisters out there at Cambridge Springs, I love all yall. So that's my message. Thanks again to Noelle Hanrahan and Prison Radio for giving me this opportunity. On the Move. Keep on moving, everybody.  Delbert Africa