A Message to the Movement from Delbert Africa of the MOVE 9 on their August 8 parole hearing



A Message to the Movement from Delbert Africa of the MOVE 9 on their August 8 parole hearing.



8/8/12 A Message to the Movement from Delbert Africa of the MOVE 9 on their August 8 parole hearing


On a Move, everybody! All the activists, all the righteous folks that want to get on a move, this is Delbert Africa of the MOVE organization.


I won't be long, but I just want to say the MOVE organization in taking this opportunity to speak out about the 34 years of imprisonment of the innocent MOVE 9. We were first railroaded, arrested on August 8th 1978 where one cop was killed. Philadelphia District Attorney's office claims that nine MOVE members fired one bullet into one cop and subsequently gave all nine of us 30-100 years. our battle now is with this unjust parole board decision to keep on giving us these hits, putting us back year after year claiming that because we refuse to admit to the so-called responsibility of our alleged crime that they can't let us out. The MOVE organization is sick and tired of letting these people get away with these excuses and we are urging people to get on the move and do something about it. Help us fight this unjust prison parole board decision.


Ever since we first came up for parole in 2008 we have been fighting the stigma of they say we're not ready. Each and every MOVE member has completed all our programs, we got 15,19 years misconduct-free, we're taking away all the excuses that these parole boards give. They have had other people that have had charges on them, that have been guilty and yet they get parole. We're encouraging people to keep on writing and calling the parole board on behalf of the MOVE 9 and, in fact, any other prisoners to point out these examples to these parole members. Make them justify their position. These parole officials have been keeping our family in prison under the guise of justice like we're guilty of murder and they the ones that should be guilty.


In 1985, these foul demons came down on our family, murdered 11 MOVE members and animals that were in the house, burnt down four square city blocks, and yet not one public official has ever gone to jail for this - has even been charged with a crime for this. As if this cop, James Ramp, that was killed in 1978, who we didn't kill, like his life is more valuable than anybody else's. Here it is time now, in 2012, that these people are once again giving MOVE members hits, in other words saying that we're not eligible for parole. We've had community support from around the world, we've had people from around the world that said okay, they'll take us in and yet this Pennsylvania parole board its unjust and, in fact, illegal and wrong stance of keeping MOVE people in prison.


What we want to do it urge everybody this August 8th, slug the parole board of Pennsylvania hotline with even more calls and make them justify their position. I'd like to give you the parole hotline number in Pennsylvania, it's (717) 772-4343 and I'm urging people, call them up! Let them know how you feel about this unjust imprisonment where they can keep people that they know are innocent of the crime of murder in 1978 in prison for another year, another two years. If we were weak, if we had been on this prison activity and come to the parole board whining and crawling, they would been let us out and told the world, "Look, we done broke them." But because we maintain the same strong revolutionary stance that we came into prison with, then they refuse to let us go and that's all that is. MOVE people are strong. We came in strong and we're staying on this activity strong and that's what makes these people mad, that's what makes them angry.


John Africa, our coordinator has shown each and every MOVE member how very necessary revolution is and because of our uncompromising example people all over the world have chosen to get on the move. This prison board and state officials and Seth Williams, the Pennsylvania District Attorney, recognize the power and that's why they don't want us on the street. We're urging people to call up and demand that they justify their position and tell them that you all they're doing is making excuses about letting us out.


I want to thank Prison Radio for this time. I have to go and I hope for the chance to communicate with people on the outside again through this phone line. Our phone time is up and I got to go. On a Move to everybody and keep on fighting because we going to keep on fighting in here.