What's The Next Step (2:02) Dennis McKeithan


Dennis: Dennis McKeithan, SCI Phoenix. What's the next step besides just locking us in our cells because nothing is actually being done if this virus is still coming in here and we've been locked in our cell, we haven't been going anywhere. So testing should be a priority at least for the staff. Everybody should be tested that come in here to work because the virus is spreading and, instead of dying out in here, it's spreading. So will we ever be opened back up again? Because every time there's a new positive test in, we get pushed back for even the prison to some kind of normalcy. It'll never be normal as it was. But some form of normalcy at least to come out for a couple of hours a day or anything. But I did not tell him there's nothing as far as testing, as far as, uh, what's the next step, what, you know, what's the next phase of this thing? What can, you know, they have, uh, a couple of their, uh, favorite prisoners come out to pick up the trash and stuff. And then everybody else, just standing there doing nothing like that. Why can't I stretch my legs? Like if it's a miserable situation, you know, the only reason that I'm probably not bugging is because I'm used to being like that.

Noelle: What is Wetzel saying?

Dennis: He haven't even, that's a strange thing. He hasn't been on the TV the past month. Now, before that he was on it everyday. That's why I said the question has got to come from outside. We don't have no voice. They're not answering nothing that we have. Dennis McKeithan, SCI Phoenix.