Excerpt from Interview with Jill Burella Out of the Shadows (3:16)


Clips from A radio documentary and a book in progress, by Noelle Hanrahan, Susan Shaw, and Tanya Brannan.

Jill Burella is the mother of three children, she was born and raised in North Philadelphia.  She married George Burella her high school sweetheart in 1985.  Shortly after the birth of their first daughter, George’s brutality and controlling behavior began to escalate.  Bloody fights, road rage, work place discipline, hostage situations, commitment at psychiatric institutions became common.  After each incident George was returned to work as a patrol officer in the Philadelphia Police department.   Jill tried to reach out: she called his Captain Bloom, and Captain Gramlich. She called 911,  Employee Assistance Program, the local women’s shelters, lawyers, friends, neighbors, anyone who would listen.  But no one could help.  Everyone was afraid of George.  And  George was “protected”. He was a cop.  Cops don’t arrest cops.    On January 12th just four days after being served with a final order of protection George shot Jill in the chest.  He then turned the gun on himself.   Jill Burella: