Eddie Africa Message (2:42)


Eddie Africa Transcript – 11/21/16


My name is Eddie Africa. I’m here at Mahanoy Prison in Pennsylvania.


What I wanted to speak on was fathers spending more time or reconnecting with their children. We have a lot of men in here with children out there who they’re not connecting with. Now, we have a program here where we try to encourage the older guys to reconnect with their children and not just leave them out there like that because if you do, they’re gonna wind up being in here too. The hope is, that the message will get out there and the men and the women who are in these prisons won’t just forget about their children, and will try to reconnect with them and give them love, give them attention, give them advice to keep them out of here.


Because whether they want to admit it or not, these prisons are a business and we are the product. You know what I mean? Poor people are the product. So it’s up to the parents to try to teach the children so they don’t have to come through here. There’s nothing good about being in prison. Nothing. Alright? 


Like in here, we try to speak to them as much as possible because the young people, they're going crazy out there. Well, in here, too, that's why they're in here. The thing is that a lot of the older people act like they're afraid to speak to the young people. And so the young people don't change because they're not getting any kind of experienced advice. 


Like, they have the parenting program and the object is to encourage young brothers to reconnect with their children and their wives or girlfriends, whatever they want to call them, in the hopes of building a bond back with their families. Because there's too many children out there who don't have fathers. So we try to push that program to teach them so that they'll be more responsible for their children out there and don't just leave them out there. Because when they grow up without fathers, not only are they adding a lot of pressure and weight on the mother, but the child is still denied because without the father there, there's a lot that's not being done and they think only of themselves. So when they go out there and do whatever they doing, they try to justify what they're doing by saying they're taking care of their children when the reality of it is they're just trying to get money. The woman may have a share in the moeny, but the children would rather have their fathers there.